San Miguel Island, CA; By Bob Evans

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San Miguel Island, CA

Point Bennett Sunset, San Miguel Island, California. Channel Islands National Park

By © Bob Evans

“When we raise the collective consciousness to understand our Oceans as a place of beauty and freedom, the change necessary to our own survival will result.” Bob Evans has dedicated his life to educating the public about our Oceans. Continuously published since he learned to free dive and purchased his first Nikonos in 1964. Bob Evans is also an accomplished marine inventor, holding over 33 patents on revolutionary fin designs. He is currently working on marine energy projects, including a ship hull and propulsion system that will revolutionize Ocean transport.

In his younger years, Bob was dropped off by the National Park Service on San Miguel Island, with a key that didn’t work to their camp storeroom. They forgot to pick him up. Bob was reduced to eating limpets and abalone from the tide pools, before he was able to flag down a fishing boat. He came away with some priceless photographs from the adventure, and this is one of them.

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