Each Grain of Sand a Tiny Work of Art

Sand Microscopic
Microscopic images of Sand.

A Grain of Sand, Gary Greenberg: in Discover Magazine

Excerpt from Lizzie Buchen, Discover Magazine

When you take a moonlit stroll on the beach, how often do you think about the tiny grains of sand creeping in between your toes?

From above, sand seems like a bunch of tiny brown rocks, perhaps peppered with occasional shells. But sand has a far more fascinating story to tell.

Composed of the remnants of volcanic explosions, eroded mountains, dead organisms, and even degraded man-made structures, sand can reveal the history, both biological and geologic, of a local environment.

And examined closely enough, as the scientist and artist Gary Greenberg has, sand can reveal spectacular colors, shapes, and textures.

These images of sand from around the world were taken by Greenberg using an Edge 3D Microscope and can be found in his book, A Grain of Sand.

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