Sinking Sundarbans: A Photo Gallery by Peter Caton, Greenpeace

Shukdev Das: “I live in Ghoramara. I lost my house due to the rising sea water. We are certain that in the near future, our island will also be under water. We don’t know where we shall live.” Captions and photos source: © Greenpeace / Peter Caton


The Sundarbans, a network of islands that spans the mouth of the Ganges delta from eastern India to Bangladesh, are sinking rapidly. The seas around the islands in the Bay of Bengal that support a unique mangrove ecosystem are rising faster than anywhere else on Earth, and the lives and livelihoods of more than 4 million residents are under threat from rising waters and a greater number of cyclones…

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Sinking Sundarbans: An exhibition of photographs by Peter Caton, Guardian UK

Featured images source: © Greenpeace/Peter Caton