Hong Kong bans trawling to save fish stocks and marine environment

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Photo source: Stephanie Yuen

Excerpt from the Agence France Presse

Hong Kong has banned trawl fishing in its waters, a decision welcomed by conservationists Friday as a crucial move to save fish stocks and revive the city’s depleted marine environment.

Trawling is a fishing method which involves nets being pulled through the water behind one or more boats, gathering up fish but also damaging the ocean floor and capturing other unwanted species.

Apart from saving fish stocks, conservationists have also said a trawling ban will give soft corals, sponges and other bottom-dwelling creatures an opportunity to recover…

Marine fishing as well as fishpond culture are important industries in Hong Kong as most of its communities are originally from the sea. Hong Kong fishermen and sailors, celebrate the birthday of Tin Hau, also called Matsu, the Taoist goddess of the sea, by decorating their boats with brightly colored banners. The goddess of the sea is very important in traditional island life and is widely worshipped in the south-eastern coastal areas of China and neighbouring areas in Southeast Asia. Wikipedia. Photo source: Marc Ohl

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