2011 Ashden Awards international finalists, in pictures

Photo source: ©© Adam Foster
Sustainable energy is the provision of energy that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Energy efficiency and renewable energy are said to be the twin pillars of sustainable energy.Green Energy is energy that can be extracted, generated, and/or consumed without any significant negative impact to the environment. The planet has a natural capability to recover which means pollution that does not go beyond that capability can still be termed green.
No power source is entirely impact-free. All energy sources require energy and give rise to some degree of pollution from manufacture of the technology. (Wikipedia)


Eight sustainable energy pioneers from Africa and Asia have been selected as international finalists for the prestigious Ashden Awards for sustainable energy 2011.

“The Ashden Awards bring to light inspiring sustainable energy solutions in the UK and developing world and help ensure that ” they’re part of a broader international process that’s designed to last: sharing knowledge, passing on experience and offering advice and support where it’s wanted.”

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