Australia Carbon Pollution Tax Announcement: A Start!

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Maldivian Flag dances to the surge and current. “Climate change is happening and it threatens the rights and security of everyone on Earth. With less than one degree of global warming, the glaciers are melting, the ice sheets collapsing and low lying areas in danger of being swamped. We must unite in a global effort to halt further temperature rises,by slashing carbon dioxide emissions to safe level of 350 parts per million.” Endorsed by the Cabinet of Republic of Maldives on 17th of October 2009. Photo and caption: ©© Sindhi


Prime Minister Julia Gillard is on Sunday due to unveil the full detail of her deeply contested carbon tax, which will see the country’s top 500 polluters charged per tonne of carbon dioxide they emit into the atmosphere, which aims to reduce emissions blamed for climate change…

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On course to suffer global warming of four degrees, The Sydney Morning Herald
There is only one way to frame the weekend’s carbon tax announcement: a start. Australia would need to lift its 2020 emissions reduction target to at least 25 per cent to play our fair share in giving the world a better-than-even chance of limiting warming to 2 degrees.

Australian Department Of Climate Change And Energy Efficiency

Mapping Sea Level Rise, Australian Department Of Climate Change And Energy Efficiency