Lilly and Minot Visit the New Orleans Oil Spill

A children’s book written by William Sargent, Illustrated by Julia Purinton

Strawberry Hill Press Publishing just released Lilly and Minot Visit the New Orleans Oil Spill ,
a children’s book from the Lilly and Minot series, which provide a whimsical look at the environment.

“Lilly and Minot live at a dairy farm in the little town of Ipswich, north of Boston. They became famous when Lilly taught kids how to ride her bull-friend, Minot.

Their unbounded curiosity and desire to help others have led to great adventures around the world, from marching in the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans to learning about Minot’s Indian bovine counterparts.

In this witty and charming book, Lilly and Minot travel to New Orleans to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of New Mexico.”

william sargent LM

William Sargent is a consultant for the NOVA Science Series and has authored more than a dozen books on environmental science and coastal issues.

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