Olympia Hypothesis: Tsunamis Buried the Cult Site On the Peloponnese

Olympia a sanctuary of ancient Greece in Elis, is known for having been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times. Altis, around 18 kilometers away from the Ionian Sea, was a location in what is today Peloponnese, Greece. The Philippeion was a circular building erected by Philip II of Macedonia, memorial of ivory and gold, which contained statues of Philip’s family, Alexander the Great, Olympias, Amyntas III and Eurydice I. It was made by the Athenian sculptor Leochares in celebration of Philip’s victory at the battle of Chaeronea (338 BC) and was the only structure inside the Altis dedicated to a human.Wikipedia. Photo source: ©© Santi MB


Olympia, site of the famous Temple of Zeus and original venue of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, was presumably destroyed by repeated tsunamis that travelled considerable distances inland and not by earthquake and river floods as has been assumed to date.

The site of Olympia, rediscovered only some 250 years ago, was buried under a massive layer of sand and other deposits that is up to 8 meters deep.

Tsunamis are well known from the eastern Mediterranean and are mainly the result of extensive seismic activities along the Hellenic Arc…

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