Environmental Impacts of Algae-Derived Biodiesel

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Shadow on algae filled water, Maharashtra, India. No special effects. No texture… Photo source: ©© Flickrohit


Algae-based fuel is one of many options among the array of possible future energy sources. New University of Virginia research shows that while algae-based transportation fuels produce high energy output with minimal land use, their production could come with significant environmental burdens.

From an environmental impact standpoint, algae-based fuel has mixed performance, compared to other biomass sources. Algae-based biodiesel production uses more energy, in the form of petroleum-powered processes, than other biofuels. Additionally, algae-based biodiesel and bioelectricity production processes also require substantial amounts of water and emit more greenhouse gases.

Read Full Article, by University of Virginia, in Science Daily

“Environmental Impacts of Algae-Derived Biodiesel and Bioelectricity for Transportation,” The Report

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