Oldest Fossils Discovered On Oldest Shoreline Known On Earth

western australia coastline
Coastline, Western Australia. Photo source: ©© Lin Padgham

Excerpts; By The University Of Oxford

Earth’s oldest fossils have been found in a remote part of Western Australia called Strelley Pool, very well preserved between the quartz sand grains of the oldest beach or shoreline known on Earth, in some of the oldest sedimentary rocks that can be found anywhere.

The microscopic fossils show convincing evidence for cells and bacteria living in an oxygen-free world over 3.4 billion years ago.

The work also has implications for looking for life on other planets, giving an indication of what evidence for such life might look like…

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Dinosaur footprints threatened by natural gas project, Western Australia, Nature News
Fossilized dinosaur tracks that dot a remote 80-kilometre stretch of Western Australia’s coastline are under threat from a proposed natural gas facility, say paleontologists…

dinosaur footprints
Cast of dinosaur footprint, over 130 million years old, at Gantheaume Point, Broome, Western Australia. Photo source: ©© Lin Padgham