US scientists predict eruption of undersea volcano

Axial Seamount is a seamount (undersea volcano) located on the Juan de Fuca Ridge approximately 480 km (300 mi) west of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Cannon Beach is located near several significant fault lines. Haystack Rock, on Cannon Beach is accessible at low tide. There is a small cave system that penetrates the rock and can be seen from the coastline. The rock is also protected as a marine sanctuary.Photo source: ©© Postdif

Excerpts; By Oregon State University, in Science Daily

A team of scientists just discovered a new eruption of Axial Seamount, an undersea volcano located about 250 miles off the Oregon coast, and one of the most active and intensely studied seamounts in the world.
What makes the event so intriguing is that the scientists had forecast the eruption starting five years ago, the first successful forecast of an undersea volcano…

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