The Condit Dam Breach

You tube Video Uploaded by AmericanRivers on Oct 26, 2011

” For almost 20 years, American Rivers and our partners have been working to restore Washington’s White Salmon River by taking down Condit Dam. On October 26th, we started the restoration of a free-flowing White Salmon River with a bang!” (AmericanRivers)

For 98 years, the 125-foot high Condit Dam in rural Washington State held back the White Salmon River, creating a serene lake, but choking off the waterway to salmon. Wednesday October 26th 2011, in an historic effort, the dam was dramatically breached, and environmentalists American Rivers and partners organizations, hope the increased flow of water will restore the waterway to fish and other aquatic organisms, as well as the birds and mammals that rely on them.

The dam removal comes just weeks after dismantling began September 17th, on the Elwha Dam a few hours to the north.

Removal of the 95-year old, 125-foot Condit Dam will restore access to 33 miles of habitat for steelhead and 14 miles of habitat for chinook salmon. The river is recognized as a premier whitewater destination ten outfitters run commercial trips on the river, and at least 40,000 boaters use the river
each year.

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