“Our Blue Canoe”, A Documentary Film Trailer, By Pacific Voyagers

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WATCH: The first teaser trailer for the documentary film, “Our Blue Canoe” which is currently in production and highlights the epic modern-day journey of the Pacific Voyagers.


Uploaded on Youtube, by Pacific Voyagers

About the Pacific Voyagers:
All texts and photograph, property and courtesy of © Oceanic Nature Film Productions / Pacific Voyagers

The Goal:

“We are a group of Pacific Islanders who have come together from many nations, sailing as one across the Pacific Ocean. We are voyaging to strengthen our ties with the sea, renew our commitment to healthy ecosystems for future generations, and to honour our ancestors who have sailed before us. As we sail our Vaka across the Pacific, we are respectful and gentle, always remembering our voyage motto: “Move your paddle silently through the water.

The Ocean provides us with the air we breathe, the food we eat, life-sustaining medicines, and nourishment for our souls. Currently, our Ocean is in peril and these essential gifts are quickly disappearing.”

The Mission:

“Pacific Voyagers’ mission is simple: Use the wisdom of our ancestors, combined with modern science, to propel us into a more sustainable future, help heal our injured ocean, raise awareness, and to revive our cultural traditions of voyaging….

Starting in Aotearoa (New Zealand) in April of 2011, we have sailed to Tahiti, The Marquesas, and throughout Hawaii where we attended the Kava Bowl Ocean Summit. At the Kava Bowl Summit, all voyagers, along with some of the top marine scientists in the world, came together to address the effects of climate change on our ocean, the economic costs of the ocean, and the intrinsic value we hold for our ocean.

We have just concluded our North American leg of our journey. We sailed down the California coast, starting in San Francisco and concluded in San Diego where we are winterizing our vessels.

Commencing our journey again in January, 2012, we’ll continue to raise awareness of the current health of our Pacific Ocean and show people what they can do to help.

During our journey thus far, we’ve seen pockets of floating plastic and debris, litter strewn upon our beaches, and the most heartbreaking: a Fin Whale just off the shores of San Francisco, struggling in an entangled piece of plastic rope that only took hold deeper…

We’ll continue our voyage south to Cabo San Lucas, on to Costa Rica’s Cocos Islands, the Galapagos, The Marquesas, Tahiti, and then back to our Pacific Island homes. We’ll also attend the Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomon Islands in July 2012. We invite and encourage you to continue following us on our journey. We get so much joy and pleasure from people following and encouraging us along the way!”

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Photograph by © MagnusDanbolt, skipper of HineMoana vaka; courtesy of © Oceanic Nature Film Productions / Pacific Voyagers

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