Conference In Overtime On Future Of Climate Talks

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Some ministers and top climate negotiators left Durban without an agreement Saturday, with time running out and the prospect of an inconclusive end jeopardizing new momentum in the fight against global warming…

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UN conference struggling to reach climate deal, AFP
Negotiators from Europe, tiny islands threatened by rising oceans and the world’s poorest countries sought to keep alive the only treaty governing global warming and move to the next stage, struggling against an unlikely alliance of the United States, China and India…

Head of Greenpeace expelled from UN climate talks, AFP
The South African activist and anti-apartheid campaigner was escorted away after he led an occupation of the hallway outside the plenary room at the International Convention Centre, which has been declared UN territory for the talks. He said the talks were heading towards a “completely unacceptable” outcome.
“What we see here are baby steps. Baby steps is not what the situation calls for, it calls for fundamental change.”
He referred to a scientific report this week showing that, without a sharp cut in greenhouse-gas emissions, the planet is on track to warm by 3.5 degrees Celsius (6.3 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels, a recipe for worsening heatwaves, drought and floods…

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