Dutch Unveil Plan In War Against The Sea: A Sandbar

Sand dredging off the Dutch coast. Sand is brought from a certain distance from the coast with this kind of ship. Then, it’s added to the beach or dumped in the sea very close to the coastline. Photo source: ©© Inyucho


In its age-old war to keep back the sea, low-lying Netherlands has dumped sand onto a surface larger than 200 football fields just off the coast, and will wait for nature to do the rest.

The wind, waves and ocean currents are the next “engineers” in this innovative project that will see the transferred sand, all 20 million cubic metres (700 million cubic feet) of it, driven landward to form a natural barrier against the North Sea’s relentless onslaught…

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Zandmotor seen from the south, 21 july 2015. Photo source: Zandmotor