Light Art At The Beach

Light Art installation on Kijkduin Beach.
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Sea and dunes form the natural backdrop for the monumental works of glass and light art at this international seaside exhibition, where artists explore new possibilities to reach the spectator by the medium of light.

In the dunes of The Hague’s southern beach resort of Kijkduin, on the North Sea coast, more than 100 Round white glass lights of different sizes (from 0,5m to 1m in diameter) are given to the artists to turn into art pieces, to be placed along the beach boulevard and spread among the sand dunes. Some globes are hand painted, some plain white, yet all glow and constantly change colours in the evening hours, offering an illuminated and surreal landscape of glowing glass orbs.

The Kijkduin seaside installation is reinterpreted by a different group of artists each year, ranging from children to graffiti artists.

In 2008, the installation was organised by Right to Play, an international organization that helps children to practice sport and promote peace: 24 light balls have been painted mainly by ex-top skaters and soccer players from The Hague and were auctioned. They managed to give 15.000 euro to Unicef.

The 2011 Kijkduin seaside exhibition, Sixth Edition, was connected to the UN Program “Our life, our future.

light art
Light Art Kijkduin: van december tot februari. Photo source: ©© Haags Uitburo

Biennal 2011

The Artistic Seashore in Kijkduin, Netherlands

Light Art Kijkduin