Rapid Retreat Of Chile Glacier Captured In Images

Patagonia, glacier. Photo source: ©© Trey Radcliff


Researchers in Chile recently released a series of time-lapse photos showing the dramatic retreat of a glacier in Patagonia…

Chile. Photograph: © SAF

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Worldwide Glaciers In Retreat
Climate change is causing many glaciers worldwide, to melt in increasingly unstable ways, and there are concerns about the long term viability of the ice in a warmer world.

History Vanishes with Melting Himalayan Glacier, LiveScience
Ice cores from glaciers capture a detailed history of the atmosphere and climate from the time when the snow and ice fell. They record dust, ash and even minute amounts of nuclear fallout from atmospheric nuclear tests conducted in the 1950s. It can all be seen in ice around the globe, from the Himalayas to the poles to the Alps.