Haiti’s Unnatural Floods

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The nearly complete deforestation of Haiti has caused countless problems for the country, the people, and its biodiversity.

One such problem is examined in this video: the effect on stream flow. It is shown that many floods and droughts in Haiti are caused by deforestation, because forests help retain rain water.

haiti erosion deforestation
Rising waters. In the passed decade or so, Haiti had undergone a major deforestation because of the production of coal. The lack of trees available to soak up fresh rain water causes landslides and flooding. Some areas, like the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti are seeing higher and higher water levels. The water has reached the rooftops of what were once houses, and continue to spill over into the border crossing zone. Nothing is being done to prevent it or change the location of the border crossing zone. Caption and Photo source: ©© Gina Vince

Haiti’s Charcoal Trade In Pictures

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Haitian Deforestation, NASA

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