Earth Hour: Dare the World to Save the Planet

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We only have one planet.

You can help protect it.

Participate in the world’s largest single campaign for the planet: Earth Hour. It starts by turning off your lights for an hour at 8:30 pm on March 31, 2012 in a collective display of commitment to a better future for the planet.

Think what can be achieved when we all come together for a common cause.

Millions of participants all over the globe, from Egypt’s Tahrir Square to Washington D.C.’s National Cathedral are expected to turn their lights off for an hour in honor of Earth Hour…

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The Earth Hour City Challenge encourages cities to prepare for the costly impacts of climate-related extreme weather and to reduce their carbon footprint. You can be an integral part in this challenge.

Earth Hour observed all over the world

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2012 : In pictures, BBC