Global Partnership for Oceans: to Reverse Patterns of Degradation, UN

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“The world’s oceans are in danger, and the enormity of the challenge is bigger than one country or organization. We need coordinated global action to restore our oceans to health… ” —World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick said, In a keynote speech to be delivered today at The Economist’s World Oceans Summit, UN. Photograph: © SAF


A powerful coalition of governments, international organizations, civil society groups and private interests are joining together under the banner of a Global Partnership for Oceans to confront widely documented problems of over-fishing, marine degradation, and habitat loss.

The key step is to mobilize around a set of shared goals. This focus will help coordinate activities and mobilize new financial support, working closely with countries, civil society, and the private sector to reverse patterns of degradation and depletion…

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