Norway whalers take first whales of hunting season: official

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Whale hunting, Norway. Photo source: Library of Congress


Norwegian whale hunters have harpooned the first three whales of the year, off Bear Island, nearly a month after the controversial hunting season began.

Norway and Iceland are, with Japan, the only countries to defy the 1986 international moratorium on commercial whaling, claiming Minke whale stocks are large enough to be hunted…

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Greenpeace Protests 2012 Whale Hunting Renewal in Norway
Norway announced renewal of its whale hunting quotas for 2012, approving the killing of 1,286 whales last February. The decision has mobilized the environmental activists.

Norwegian Whaling, Greenpeace
Norway resumed commercial whaling in 1993 as an attempt by the political party in power at the time to gain popularity in northern Norway.

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