Sullie Saves the Seas

Sullie Saves the Seas

A book by By Goffinet McLaren

Published by Prose Press

Sullie Saves the Seas by Goffinet McLaren is a fun and educational little paperback for children that explores the human extremes of caring and indifference as a small group of dedicated birds battle to preserve our oceans.

When McLaren’s super-hero, Sullie, realized plastic pollution is destroying his precious Turtle Beach, he calls his friends to action. Sullie, the leader, forms a Secret Society with Speedy the Sandpiper, Plonkie the Pelican, Eddo the Eager Eagle, and Allo the Albatross. Together, this charming cast of characters creates a fun-filled, exciting adventure that takes aim ath the insensitive humans causing environmental damage to the beach, and to Sullie’s ocean pals.

Chapter by chapter, Sullie’s clever plot unfolds to deliver a delightful tale you will enjoy sharing with your children and friends. The story targets kids from eight to twelve years old, but kids of all ages will laugh with, learn from, and love a savvy seagull’s schemes to save his ocean.

The story is dedicated to all the sea birds, whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles that have lost their lives to plastic pollution…

About the authors:
Goffinet grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland. Surrounded by the sea, she was always aware of the importance of caring for the ocean’s creatures and her sense of right and wrong ripened into a positive passion to make a difference in the world.

With a Forward by Caption Charles Moore, discoverer of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and founder, Algalita Marine Research Institute.

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Sullie Saves the Seas is recommended by the following (endorsements on back cover):
5 Gyres Institute, Sierra Club, PETA, Plastic Pollution Coalition, S. C. Coastal Conservation League, and the Algalita Marine Research Institute.

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