Climate Crisis: Why Business Must Do More To Protect Children’s Rights

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The effects of climate change have a disproportionate impact on children and place an ecological debt on future generations.

In the wake of the continuing negotiations on climate change in Bangkok last week, businesses need to take action to improve the outcomes for future generations.

Number seven of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles launched by Unicef earlier this year is related to the environment. This has global relevance for all businesses, since all business activities impact directly or indirectly on the world that our children will inherit…

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Should We Put a Price On Nature If We Are Going To Save It?
For decades campaigners have fought for the protection of nature for its own sake, and while there has been notable progress, the overall trends have not been encouraging. It seems that the moral argument has gained insufficient traction, and that in the absence of new frames continuing population and economic growth will cause more damage.