People Power Wins: Super Trawler Banned, Australia

August, 2012. “As the super trawler Margiris steams towards Australia’s shores, a series of concerns have been raised. One is the impact on marine life, like dolphins and seals, that invariably are caught in the vessel’s enormous nets. These pix were taken by researchers on board Dutch super trawlers while conducting peer-reviewed studies.” Captions and Photo source: © Greenpeace


In a huge victory against the plunder of our oceans, the Australian Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke has announced new laws that will ban the Margiris super trawler, now known as the Abel Tasman, from operating in Australian waters for up to two years…

This is a significant setback for the European super trawler fleet, but the campaign against destructive fishing needs to continue.

The Margiris is just one fishing vessel that is impacting marine ecosystems globally. The global fishing fleet is catching more fish than nature can sustain. In our region, the Pacific faces the threat of over-sized foreign vessels every day.

Greenpeace will continue its global campaign against overfishing and destructive fishing practices, but for today at least, we can celebrate this wonderful victory…

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Photo source: © Greenpeace