The Cold Edge

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Image source: © Dave Walsh Photography


“The Copper House Gallery presents The Cold Edge an exhibition of stunning polar images by photographer, writer and environmentalist Dave Walsh. Walsh’s ethereal photographs of the unforgiving wilderness, wild animals and blue icebergs question our romantic relationship with remote, harsh and pristine environments. The images resonate with a quiet tension; all may not be right in the Garden of Eden…”The Copper House Gallery.

Dave Walsh’s photographs, at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin, show what it is like to be truly on the edge. The images taken during Greenpeace expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, between 2007 and 2010, question our romantic relationship with remote, harsh and pristine environments of the polar regions…

The Cold Edge exhibition runs from September 13th to September 29th, 2012.

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The Cold Edge: Exhibition, 16 Images; Dave Walsh Photography

The Cold Edge: the Book, Dave Walsh Photography

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Going to the Arctic to witness history, Greenpeace

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