Greening Havana

Photo source: ©© Nebojsa Mladjenovic


According to international studies, a key action for mitigating the effects of global warming is to increase forest cover in each country. The Cuban government’s National Forestry Programme has set a target of increasing forest cover to over 29 percent by 2015…

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Haiti’s Unnatural Floods
The nearly complete deforestation of Haiti has caused countless problems for the country, the people, and its biodiversity.

Mangrove Reforestation In Belize
CORAL’s (Coral Reef Alliance) mangrove reforestation project in San Pedro, Belize is thriving. Recent monitoring reports reveal that ninety percent of the mangroves planted by the local community have survived.

A Giant Brought to Its Knees: The Atlantic Coastal Forest
The Atlantic Forest is a shadow of its former self. Originally covering more than 386,000 sq. miles along Brazil’s coast, extending into eastern Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. Today less than 7% of that cover remains, in the wake of centuries of forest clearing for agriculture and urban development, and fragmented by centuries of unsustainable use and logging.

Sea Change in Climate Adaptation Planning in Cuba