Hurricane Sandy’s Storm Surge Wreaks Havoc As Its Energy And Trajectory Stun Experts

The flooding at the East River State Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Captions and Photo source: ©© Alexander Rea


Even with a week to watch and model the projected outcomes of the hurricane dubbed Sandy, which joined two other wintery weather systems late yesterday to become the hybrid super-storm now squatting over central Pennsylvania, the historic event has meteorologists stunned by its sheer size, strength and behavior…

The storm, now called a post-tropical cyclone, slammed into coastal New Jersey Monday evening, shoving catastrophic volumes of ocean water up over flood barriers and deep into coastal communities — including New York City, which saw a 13-foot storm surge devour parts of lower Manhattan, inundate subways tunnels and flood office buildings, among them the lobby of the New York Daily News. New Jersey’s Atlantic City was experiencing dangerously high floodwaters into Tuesday morning, and officials were calling it the worst storm in the city’s history…

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