Climate change, not the national debt, is the legacy we should care about

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Worry about the grandchildren? Then stop global warming, but don’t pretend deficit reduction by slashing pensions is for them…

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For Champions of Degrowth, Less Is Much More, IPS
The concept of degrowth is not a very comfortable one in overdeveloped countries such as the United States. But with the planet’s resources stretched to the limit, many argue that an action plan is needed to prevent the world’s largest economy from getting any bigger, especially with the global population projected to grow by another two billion by 2050.

Should We Put a Price On Nature If We Are Going To Save It?
For decades campaigners have fought for the protection of nature for its own sake, and while there has been notable progress, the overall trends have not been encouraging. It seems that the moral argument has gained insufficient traction, and that in the absence of new frames continuing population and economic growth will cause more damage.


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