New Fracking Frontier Scares Residents

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Due to a rapid increase in demand, pure sand has become a valuable commodity, and mines are opening in the US at a rapid rate. Up to 4 million pounds of the sand are used per well to prop open the newly created rock fractures that release the natural gas, and operations are still concentrated on the East Coast, particularly Pennsylvania.
The Mississippi Sand mine would be the first to actually border Starved Rock, which opponents fear could mean an increased chance of river and wetland contamination, habitat degradation, and tourist detraction. Further, opponents suggest the growing number of frac sand mines, represent the overall escalating scale and impact of natural gas production…

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The Price Of Sand, A Documentary

Tell the BLM: Don’t Frack California
California still has zero regulation to protect our health and water from dangerous fracking, but that’s not stopping the Bureau of Land Management from auctioning off almost 18,000 acres of land for oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing also known as, fracking…

Sand mining Is Booming Along With Fracking
Fracking, the latest craze in the quest to produce oil and gas, has been blamed for environmental problems ranging from flammable tap water to minor earthquakes. Now a new risk is emerging: sand mining. To squeeze hydrocarbons out of shale through hydraulic fracturing of the rock, the process known as fracking, producers need to pump an enormous amount of sand into the ground.

Fracking for shale gas gets green light in UK, Guardian UK
Fracking is set to be the next frontier for the UK’s oil and gas industry, after the government lifted restrictions on the controversial practice, giving a green light to drilling that could produce billions of pounds worth of gas.