Islands Want UN To See Climate As Security Threat

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Majuro, Marshall Islands. Photo source: ©© Mrlins


The Marshall Islands and other low-lying island nations appealed to the U.N. Security Council to recognize climate change as an international security threat that jeopardizes their very survival…

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The Sinking of Tuvalu, A Video
The fragile strips of green that make up the small islands of Tuvalu are incredibly beautiful but also incredibly vulnerable.The group of nine tiny islands in the South Pacific only just break the surface of the ocean, but for how much longer?

Kiribati Voices From the South Pacific – Part II, A Video

In Paradise and Closer Than Ever to Disaster, Maldives
For many of us who live in temperate zones, inland regions and the industrialized West, global warming is a source of anxiety, and something of an abstraction. One challenge for Nasheed, former leader of the lowest lying country, was how to communicate the problems currently apparent in the Maldives to countries where the impacts of climate change are not yet as drastic or visible. What will happen once other nations start to feel the pressure of rising sea levels?

EU Pledges 90m Euros in Climate Funds for Sinking Pacific Island States (Uploaded 03-2011)

If an island state vanishes, is it still a nation? AP


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