Retooling New York for Apocalyptic Storms

Sandy storm aftermath. Photo source: ©© Giladlotan


During World War II, a German U-boat made its way into New York Harbour. It fired two torpedoes at a British tanker, splitting the hull in three places and igniting it in flames. The captain and 35 members of his crew burned to death.

Seventy years later, New York Harbour is Lower Manhattan’s first line of defence against another threat: the rising tides of the sea…

Orff, who is also the founding principal of SCAPE – a landscape architecture and urban design office, slated to present at a Feb. 9 conference entitled “Waterproofing New York City”, recalled her own experience during Hurricane Sandy: “I don’t think there’s anything like seeing water lapping at your feet on West End Avenue that provides a wakeup call. I can’t imagine what else could be more dramatic and focusing than water overtaking one of America’s celebrated international cities…”

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