Tsunami Aftermath, Photos Show Destruction And Recovery, Japan

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japan tsunami
“Sans Titre” by Vivien Isnard (1987). Pigment on canvas. MAMAC NICE, Museum of modern and contemporary Art Nice,Cote d’Azur. Photo by ©© J. Luc


The piles of rubble left behind by the receding tsunami have largely gone, but two years after nature visited its fury, some stretches of Japan’s battered northeast remain little more than ravaged wastelands…

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Four things you should know about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Greenpeace
For many of us, the urgency of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has long ago faded; a lot of things happened in the intervening two years. But the Fukushima nuclear disaster never really ended. Although there are many things about Fukushima that are unbelievable and unfair, here a few shocking things that you may not be aware of…


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