Earthscapes, By Andres Amador

Photograph: © SAF РCoastal Care


San Franciscan Andres Amador, 42, is an “earthscape artist.” He uses rope and a rake to create large geometric drawings on beaches.

His work can span an entire beach, often covering 9,300 square meters (100,000 square feet) in area, and usually takes little longer than two hours to create…

Amador hopes to inspire people to “follow what brings you joy.”

WATCH: A Vimeo: The City Exposed: “Earthscapes” By ¬©Andres Amador

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Andres Amador and Ember deQuincy creating a beach art.

Sand artist on Carmel Beach creates beauty with nature; KSBW (01-11-2016)
San Francisco-based earthscape artist Andres Amador creates stunning works of art on stretches of California beaches. His most recent canvass was Carmel Beach. Amador said sketching art that will only last during low tide before being erased by waves is an act of meditation for existing in the moment and being at peace…

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“… stop, and see the beauty we are surrounded by…”

Sand Man – The Sand Art of Peter; CBS News (12-25-2015)
As the morning tide recedes at a beach near Christchurch, New Zealand, a man dressed in black arrives to go to work. After stretching and repeating his mantra, the man, Peter Donnelly, gets ready to “paint.” In the sand…

The First Animated Beach Drawing Film; Jamie Wardley and the Sand In Your Eye Team. (10-16-2010)
“An idea is like a seed, if you feed it then it may grow. It took four hours to make and lived only for the time of the tides.” Jamie Wardley, Finn Varney and 15 Yorkshire artists have collaborated to make the first animated beach sand drawing at Filey, North Yorkshire…