New Jersey’s Proposed Coastal Development Rules Miss The Mark, Critics Charge

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Mantoloking, NJ. Aerial pictures of New Jersey’s coast, after superstorm Sandy devastated the area. Photo courtesy of: © Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines (PSDS) / WCU


Environmentalists say New Jersey’s proposed new rules for coastal development would place more people and property at risk from future storms like Superstorm Sandy…

The rules would make it easier to build or expand marinas and add restaurants to them, and make it easier to build one- or two-family homes in coastal areas. They also would make it easier to erect piers and to build attractions on them…

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After Hurricane Sandy, One Man Tries To Stop The Reconstruction (10-09-2013)
Geologist Orrin Pilkey predicted exactly what a storm like Sandy would do to the mid-Atlantic coast and New York City. On a tour of destruction after the deluge, he and David Gessner ponder a troubling question: Why are people rebuilding, as if all this isn’t going to happen again?

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