Caofeidian, The Chinese Eco-City That Became a Ghost Town – In Pictures

Photo source: ©© Raine
Caofeidian, a small sand spit in the Bohai Bay, located 220 kilometers east of Beijing, consists of a 16 square kilometer peninsula formed by a 4 sq km islet and a broad land passage reclaimed from the sea in 2000 for the use of Shougang Group, the huge iron- and steelworks that was moved from Beijing to cut pollution for the 2008 Olympics. Captions: ChinaDaily


“As precious as gold …” That was how then-president Hu Jintao described Caofeidian during his visit in 2006. It was pledged to be ‘the world’s first fully realised eco-city’ – yet 10 years and almost $100bn later, only a few thousand inhabitants have moved to this land reclaimed from the sea …

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