The Government Is Lying About Stradbroke Island Sand Mining

North Stradbroke. Photo source: ©© Conrad Petzsch-Kunze


The Newman Government has misled the media and the public over its amendments to North Stradbroke Island sand mining legislation.

Numerous media reports asserting that sand mining has already been extended to 2035 are incorrect.

Why does the Newman Government want to mislead the public into believing that sand mining has already been extended to 2035? To quell dissent from the many who want to see a Queensland icon protected. If people think the extension has already occurred, maybe they will think it’s a waste of time talking about repealing the Newman amendments…

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Newman vows to push ahead with sand mining on North Stradbroke Island, ABC queensland(08-20-2013)
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says the State Government will press ahead with plans to extend sand mining on North Stradbroke Island to 2035. He was responding to the release of a report that argues sand mining on the island, off Brisbane, should be regulated by federal rather than state environmental laws…

A line in the Sand: Rebuilding Stradbroke Island After Sand Mining, (04-15-2011)
A line in the sand, that’s what the Queensland State Government is calling its decision to end sand mining on Stradbroke Island in eight years time. An ABC News video, depicting the dilemmas of a sustainable environment and a sustainable economy…

Sand mining ban for North Stradbroke Island, Australia, (06-23-2010)
The ancient dunes of North Stradbroke Island will be saved under a bold new plan to phase out sand mining and convert the ecosensitive tourist playground to a national park. Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, just announced that the Government will progressively halt sand mining on North Stradbroke Island by 2027…