The Front Line of Climate Change: Alaska Village Must Relocate as Arctic Sea Ice Thins

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Kivalina, Alaska. Photo source: ©© Shorezone


Climate change is forcing an isolated Alaskan village, roughly 80 miles above the Arctic Circle, to relocate.

The very existence of Kivalina, a town with about 400 residents on a tiny barrier island off Alaska’s northwest coast, is under threat as Arctic sea ice continues to melt into the surrounding Chukchi Sea…

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Climate Change Takes A Village, AP / Huffington Green(12-16-2014)

AN Eroding Village: Kivalina, At The Mercy of Seasonal Storms, UAF Journalism

Climate Impacts in Alaska, EPA
Over the past 50 years, temperatures across Alaska increased by an average of 3.4°F. Winter warming was even greater, rising by an average of 6.3°F. The rate of warming in Alaska was twice the national average over that same period of time. Average annual temperatures in Alaska are projected to increase an additional 3.5 to 7°F by the middle of this century…

Beaufort Sea coastline erosion, Alaska. Photo source: ©© Shorezone

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