A Silent Victory For Marine Mammals

Active sonar—bouncing sound waves off physical objects to produce an underwater map—is a major threat to marine mammals. Photo source: ©© Mike Baird


A federal judge stands up to the noisy navy for the sake of marine mammals…

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Judge: Navy’s Hawaii, California Training Plan Inadequate, ABC News
A federal judge on Tuesday said the National Marine Fisheries Service violated environmental laws when it approved the Navy’s plans for training in waters off Hawaii and Southern California…

Whale Mass Stranding Attributed to Sonar Mapping For First Time, Wildlife Conservation Society (09-26-2013)

Navy study: Sonar, Blasts Might Hurt More Sea Life, AP (09-26-2013)

Accoustic Pollution and Naval Sonar testing
Over the past 40 years, cumulative research across the globe has revealed a coincidence between naval sonar testing events and acute decompression sickness in beached marine mammals. Under a plan announced by the NOAA, marine mammal “hot spots” in areas including Southern California’s coastal waters, may become off limits to testing of a type of Navy sonar linked to the deaths of whales.