California Water Board Supports Searsville Dam Removal

Searsville dam. Photo source: ©© Gazebo


“Today, the State Water Board sent Stanford a powerful letter supporting Searsville Dam removal, questioning the feasibility of other potential alternatives, and stressing the importance of safely restoring sediment flow blocked by the dam for the health of the creek downstream and resiliency of San Francisco Bay wetlands and coastal communities in the face of sea level rise and climate change…”

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Standford’s Searsville Dam Spurs Debate, ABC 7 News (07-29-2014)
Stanford University is finding itself at the center of an unlikely environmental battle. It centers on an aging dam and the barrier it creates for native fish…

San Francisquito Creek – America’s Most Endangered Rivers 2014, A Youtuve Video By American Rivers
Searsville Dam blocks spawning headwater streams for San Francisquito Creek. Removing the 65-foot dam will allow endangered steelhead to return upstream and spawn…

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Largest Dam Removal in U.S. History Scientifically Characterized: A USGS Lecture on Largest U.S. Dam Removal; USGS (02-25-2015)
Scientists worked together to characterize the effects of the largest dam removal project in U.S. history occurring on the Elwha River of Washington State. New findings suggest that dam removal can change landscape features of river and coasts, which have ecological implications downstream of former dam sites…

Tracking Sediments’ Fate In Largest-Ever Dam Removal, University Of Washington (03-08-2013)
Scientists tracking the aftermath of the largest dam removal in U.S. history say the dismantling of a dam in northwestern Washington state has unleashed about 34 million cubic yards of sediment and debris that built up for more than a century…

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DamNation; a Documentary That’s Testing the Waters of Corporate Social Responsibility; Produced by Stoecker Ecological and Felt Soul Media” and presented by Patagonia.

Elwha Dam removal, 2011. The largest dam-removal project in U.S. history—the Elwha River Restoration Project—commenced during the second week of September 2011, when National Park Service contractors began to dismantle two dams on the Elwha River in Washington State. The 32-m-tall Elwha Dam and the 64-m-tall Glines Canyon Dam, completed in 1913 and 1927, respectively, have been blocking the natural supply of sediment to the lower river and coast and severely limiting salmon and steelhead spawning for nearly a century. Captions: Jonathan A. Warrick / USGS. Photograph: © SAF