Miami Beach Sees Rising Seas as No Threat to Real Estate Boom, For Now

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Miami City’s Skyline, Through the Reflex System of a Camera. Photo courtesy of: ©Marc Martinez


Miami Beach’s condo boom is bubbling hot, with glass towers being built as fast as they can be—even as scientists say rising seas could swamp much of the storied city by the century’s end…

Almost all of low-lying Florida’s population of just under 20 million lives crowded along its two sandy coasts. Florida is already the third most populous US state—and expects to grow as the US baby boom generation heads into retirement…

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Rising Seas Threaten South Florida’s Drinking Water, Market Place (02-16-2015)
Greater Miami is a place where the idea of not having enough water seems completely inconceivable. South Florida receives about 60 inches of rainfall a year, and groundwater is more than plentiful. But rising sea levels change things in unexpected ways, and seawater threatens to turn the drinking water salty…

Goodbye, Miami, The Rolling Stones (06-21-2013)

Florida Communities Prepare For Rising Seas, Sun Sentinel (04-23-2014)
While the nation looks for solutions to the problem of rising sea levels, some coastal communities in Florida are taking action to save themselves from sinking into the ocean…

Rising Seas Will Affect Major U.S. Coastal Cities by 2100, University Of Arizona (02-16-2011)

Reuters’ Water’s Edge Report Part I & Part II (09-19-2014)
Despite laws intended to curb development where rising seas pose the greatest threat, Reuters finds that government is happy to help the nation indulge in its passion for beachfront living…

Can Florida Prepare for Climate Change Without Saying the Words? CS Monitor (03-09-2015)

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