Over 240 mining and energy projects waiting for investors in Cuba

Cuba, coastal erosion. Photo source: ©© Potomo


Industrial minerals and manufactured industrial mineral products produced in Cuba include ammonia and ammonia by-products, bentonite, cement, feldspar, high-purity zeolite minerals, gypsum, kaolin (a type of clay), lime, high-grade limestone, marble, sand, sulphuric acid, steel and urea…

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Cuba: Sea levels to rise more than 30 in. by 2100; (06-17-2011)
Most of the 400 beaches of Cuba’s territory are affected by erosion with a receding coastline estimated at 1.2 meters per year, according to a study by the Institute of Oceanology of the island. The research ratified “the widespread nature of the Cuban beach erosion” due to phenomena such as sea level rise, sand mining, construction of buildings on natural dunes and incorrectlocation of piers…

Protecting Coastal Ressources In Cuba