Planned Mega-Port in Brazil Threatens Rich Ecological Region

Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care


Activists and local residents have brought legal action aimed at blocking the construction of a nearly 50 sq km port terminal in the Northeast Brazilian state of Bahia because of the huge environmental and social impacts it will have…

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Deep-Sea Ports Construction Cause Coastal Erosion, Thailand, Bangkok Post (01-12-2012)
Destructive coastal erosion along southern shorelines battered by recent storms could be the result of deep-sea port construction, villagers say, leaving them in fear of more beaches disappearing…

The Impact Of Ports India
Human interference and construction activity such as port building along the Orissa’s shoreline, have gravely accelerated the rate of beach erosion. An assessment on the Orissa coast, showed long-term shoreline change for a period of 38 years from 1972-2010. Thirty seven percent of the state’s 480km coastline is exposed to sea erosion.