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Topsail beach, North Carolina. Photo courtesy of: © Denis Delestrac


The value of many oceanfront properties on the East Coast could drop dramatically if Congress were to suddenly end federal beach nourishment subsidies. Values could fall by as much as 17 percent in towns with high property values and almost 34 percent in towns with low property values…

Read Full Article, Carteret County News

Climate Adaptation and Policy-Induced Inflation of Coastal Property Value, PlosOne (03-25-2015)
Human population density in the coastal zone and potential impacts of climate change underscore a growing conflict between coastal development and an encroaching shoreline. Rising sea-levels and increased storminess threaten to accelerate coastal erosion, while growing demand for coastal real estate encourages more spending to hold back the sea in spite of the shrinking federal budget for beach nourishment. As climatic drivers and federal policies for beach nourishment change, the evolution of coastline mitigation and property values is uncertain…

Is Beach Renourishment Worth The Money? WWAY News (02-16-2015)

Endless Erosion Battle a Matter of Money, The St Petersburg Tribune (07-21-2014)

Climate Change Concerns Weigh On Cape Home-Buying Decisions, Boston Globe (09-22-2014)
Increased awareness of rising sea levels, flood zones, and storm surge have potential buyers rethinking how close a relationship they want with the ocean…

The Folly Of Poorly Executed Beach Renourishment, The Post And Courier (05-06-2014)

Coastal Erosion Sparks ‘Sand Wars’ In New England (12-21-2013)
Sand is becoming New England coastal dwellers’ most coveted and controversial commodity as they try to fortify beaches against rising seas and severe erosion caused by violent storms.

A Beach Project Built on Sand; By Robert S. Young, PhD, in The New York Times (08-22-2014)

Waikiki Beach Eroding Less Than A Year After $2.2M Sand Restoration, Pacific Business News (01-24-2013)
A section of Hawaii’s famed Waikiki Beach is starting to erode, less than a year after the completion of a $2.2 million project to replenish the sand on about 1,730 feet of shoreline that had been suffering from chronic erosion.

Dispute in Hamptons Set Off by Effort to Hold Back Ocean, The New York Times (04-19-2013)

From Coast To Coast, Vanity Fair (07-23-2013)
At opposite ends of the country, two of America’s most golden coastal enclaves are waging the same desperate battle against erosion…

Reuters’ Water’s Edge Report – Part I And Part II (09-19-2014)

Palm Beach Mid-Town Dredge Project, A Video (02-04-2015)

“North Carolina: The Beaches Are Moving,” A Video featuring Orrin Pilkey, PhD
World famous coastal geologist Orrin H. Pilkey takes us to the beach and explains why erosion has become a problem…

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