When You Drill, You Spill.

Refugio Beach, oil along the coastline. Photograph: © SAF – Coastal Care.
A 2012 Congressional Research Service report warns that even smaller spills can also cause significant harm to aquatic life. Birds, fish and other marine animals can suffer impaired immune systems and find it more difficult to feed and reproduce. Captions: Discovery News


The Santa Barbara County spill, one of the largest in California history, reiterates what we already know: We can’t extract oil and transport it without putting our beaches, wildlife, and coastal communities at risk. The sad fact is, when you drill, you spill…

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State of Emergency Declared for Oil Spill Off Santa Barbara Coast, (05-21-2015)
The length of the spill grew from 4 miles to 9 overnight, an amount that was “more than we anticipated last night,” U.S Coast Guard Capt. Jennifer Williams said…

U.S. Gives Conditional OK To Shell Oil For Drilling Off Alaska’s Arctic Shore, (05-14-2015)
The Obama administration has given conditional approval to Shell Oil’s plan to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean this summer. The company wants to resume drilling in the Chukchi Sea off northwestern Alaska; it broke off that effort in 2012 because of safety problems…

Why U.S. East Coast Should Stay Off-Limits to Oil Drilling, Yale E360 (02-28-2015)
It’s not just the potential for a catastrophic spill that makes the new proposal to open Atlantic Ocean waters to oil exploration such a bad idea. What’s worse is the cumulative impact on coastal ecosystems that an active oil industry would bring…

U.S. Oil Platform on Fire in Gulf of Mexico, Reuters (05-22-2015)

Small Oil Spills Are Common: Here’s Why They Matter