Oil Drilling in Arctic Ocean: A Push into Uncharted Waters

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Shell’s Polar Pioneer drilling ship and the tow ship Aiviq at Terminal 5. Shell is preparing its equipment for oil exploration in the Alaskan Arctic.05/17/2015. Captions and Photo source: © Greenpeace


As the U.S. and Russia take the first halting steps to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean, experts say the harsh climate, icy seas, and lack of any infrastructure means a sizeable oil spill would be very difficult to clean up and could cause extensive environmental damage…

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Drilling Will Cost the Arctic its Wildness, Adventure Journal (12-12-2013)

Shell to resume Arctic drilling off Alaska as green groups warn of disaster, Guardian UK (05-14-2015)
Environmentalists accuse the government of ‘looking the other way’ after US gives green light for Shell to restart drilling for oil and gas…

Shell oil rig arriving Thursday is just the start of Arctic drilling fleet, The Seattle Times (05-14-2015)

Why Would Royal Dutch Shell Abandon the Arctic? (Video) (02-08-2014)
Geologists estimate that the Arctic holds more than 20 percent of the planet’s oil and gas resources. Alaska’s waters alone may contain 24 billion barrels of oil. That’s about three-and-a-half years of U.S. oil consumption. “…The less oil people use, whether by improving efficiency or finding alternatives, the less Shell will be inclined to chase down every last drop at the literal ends of the earth…”

G-7 set far-off goal to move away from fossil fuels, AP News


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