Way Cleared for Shell to Start Drilling in Arctic Ocean

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Shell’s Polar Pioneer drilling ship and the tow ship Aiviq at Terminal 5. Shell is preparing its equipment for oil exploration in the Alaskan Arctic.05/17/2015. Captions and Photo source: © Greenpeace


The Obama administration cleared the way on Wednesday for Shell to start drilling in the Arctic Ocean this summer…

Read Full Article, The New York Times

U.S. Gives Conditional OK To Shell Oil For Drilling Off Alaska’s Arctic Shore, NPR (05-14-2015)

Interior’s Approval of Shell’s Arctic Drilling Plan Threatens Climate, Ocean; NRDC (05-11-2015)
“No company deserves a license to despoil our last pristine ocean and spew massive amounts of carbon pollution into our atmosphere.
“President Obama must protect our planet and our children’s health from dangerous climate change. That should mean saying ‘no’ to Shell and ‘yes’ to clean energy alternatives.
“This wrong-headed decision also will expose the Arctic to the likelihood of catastrophic spills in ice-choked waters more than 1,000 miles from a Coast Guard base and other critical clean-up infrastructure. Any major Arctic Ocean spill would be impossible to clean up…”

Shell oil rig arriving Thursday is just the start of Arctic drilling fleet, The Seattle Times

Why Would Royal Dutch Shell Abandon the Arctic? (Video) (02-08-2014)
Geologists estimate that the Arctic holds more than 20 percent of the planet’s oil and gas resources. Alaska’s waters alone may contain 24 billion barrels of oil. That’s about three-and-a-half years of U.S. oil consumption. “…The less oil people use, whether by improving efficiency or finding alternatives, the less Shell will be inclined to chase down every last drop at the literal ends of the earth…”

Drilling Will Cost the Arctic its Wildness, Adventure Journal (12-12-2013)

Oil Drilling in Arctic Ocean: A Push into Uncharted Waters, Yale E360 (06-09-2015)


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