Sea Defences Not Enough to Protect Delta Cities From Rising Flood Risk

Delta del Paraná. Photo source: ©© Ostrosky


Rich nations spend huge sums to keep the seas at bay but wealth may not save them indefinitely.

New research suggests that the probability of flooding in cities and megacities built on river deltas is on the increase and over time, the Mississippi and the Rhine may become up to eight times more at hazard from rising tides, storm surges or catastrophic downstream floods…

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Life-Giving Deltas Starved by Dams, by Peter Bosshard, Policy Director, International Rivers / Huffington Post(05-24-2014)
At a time when coastal areas are already battered by climate change, life-giving deltas are being sacrificed to dam building…

Predicting the Shape of River Deltas, MIT News (07-23-2015)

Coastal Mangrove Squeeze in the Mekong Delta, Journal of Coastal Research (03-16-2015)
The role of mangrove forests in providing coastal zone stability and protection against flooding is increasingly recognized. The specific root, stem, and canopy system of mangroves is highly efficient in attenuating waves and currents. The sheltered environment created by a healthy mangrove forest offers great sedimentation potential…