Why Keystone XL Is Dead

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Oil sand. Photo source: ©© Suncor energy


Once seeking a fast approval, TransCanada wants to pause the pipeline’s review…

The builder of the 830,000 barrel-per-day Keystone XL pipeline—enough alone to increase oil sands production by more than 40 percent—wants a time out. TransCanada has asked the U.S. State Department to pause its review of the pipeline that crosses an international border for roughly a year while the state of Nebraska deliberates about changes in the proposed route, also, perhaps, amid concerns that the Obama administration might reject the pipeline outright…

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Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Still Should be Rejected, NRDC (11-02-2015)
TransCanada today (11-02-2015) asked the Obama Administration to pause its review of its proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline…

5 Things To Know About The Keystone XL Pipeline, NPR
After spending years as a political football in the U.S., the Keystone XL pipeline’s would-be builder is now asking for a timeout in the review process. Why now? Changing politics in the U.S. and Canada, falling oil prices and mounting pressure from environmentalists have marked a turnaround for the company, which had pushed for approval of the project, and its supporters…

Obama will decide on Keystone pipeline during his term, BBC News
The White House has said it intends to rule on the fate of the Keystone XL oil pipeline before the end of President Barack Obama’s term…

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Bill, The New York Times (02-24-2015)

Climate Effects Of Keystone XL Significantly Underestimated, Yale, E360 (08-11-2014)


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