Sand Man – The Sand Art of Peter

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WATCH: A 10 min Short Film on the iconic Christchurch, New Zealand, artist Peter Donnelly who has etched and raked over 700 works into the New Brighton sands. A Youtube Video


As the morning tide recedes at a beach near Christchurch, New Zealand, a man dressed in black arrives to go to work. After stretching and repeating his mantra, the man, Peter Donnelly, gets ready to “paint.” In the sand.

According to Phil Keoghan, who visited with Donnelly, locals refer to Peter the Sand Dancer; “With a simple stick and a rake, and not-so-simple gift of vision, he paints elaborate works of art in the sand.”

Donnelly has been creating his intricate, ornate, sometimes esoteric artworks for ten years, more than 780 hundred in his career. Keoghan says, “Peter’s intricate designs look like they take days to complete, but in fact, he does them in less than four hours, and they last only as long as the next high tide, all the more impressive because at ground level, Peter can’t really ‘see,’ only feel, what’s he’s doing…”

Read Full Article, “Call Him The Sand Man” / CBS News

Sand Man – The Sand Art of Peter, Youtube

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