Spain court finds captain, British insurer liable for Prestige oil spill

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Playa de Nemiña. Volunteers cleaning the beach at Nemiña in the aftermath of the Prestige oil spill, 2002, just 3 years after Erika oil tanker’s disaster off the Brittany coast in 1999. Captions and Photo source: ©© Colin


Spain’s Supreme Court said Tuesday it had found the captain, British insurer and owner of an oil tanker that broke up off northwestern Spain in 2002 liable for one of Europe’s worst environmental disasters.

The total cost of the damage has been estimated at 4.1 billion euros ($4.4 billion) and by designating those liable for the disaster for the first time, Spain’s top court finally opens the way for compensation more than 13 years after the spill…

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Prestige Oil Tanker Spill: Three Go On Trial in Spain, Guardian UK (10-15-2012)

French Highest Court Upholds Total Conviction In Erika Oil Spill (09-25-2012)
France’s highest court upheld a conviction against oil major Total SA over a 1999 oil spill, caused by the wreck of the Erika oil tanker off the Brittany coast in 1999, in a blow to the company which had hoped it would be absolved of blame for one of France’s worst environmental disasters.

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